The Newborn Footwear Dilemma

Onenies footwearOne of the problems that new parents face is which shoes to get for their children. Once they find shoes they like and that they think will be comfortable, they are further faced with the problem of trying to keep those shoes on their baby’s feet.

Newborn shoes are not meant for the same purpose as shoes for any other stage of life. They obviously won’t be walking around at that point. The shoes only serve a decorative or comfort purpose. They can help keep the child’s feet warm when they are out and about.

There are a few trending shoe fashions in newborn clothing that take this into consideration and don’t try to give the child a shoe that is going to constantly fall off. One of the most notable ones is Trumpette, which makes a line of socks that looks remarkably like little dress shoes. These are classy and comfy at the same time, keeping the little one’s feet cozy and avoiding the need to keep putting the shoes back on after they have fallen off for the umpteenth time.

There are a lot of baby booties out there. These are not always the most fashionable or cute shoes, but they are very functional. They keep the baby’s feet warm, and they tend to stay on very well, which is all one can ask of newborn clothing.

Sites like newborn clothing carry a wide variety of baby booties, socks and other footwear options, but the newborn’s parents need to remember that not all baby shoes are going to fit their baby very well. Socks are always a safer choice, and the trends are definitely showing that many parents prefer socks and booties over proper shoes.
The wealth of new socks as shoes, headlined by brands like Trumpette, give parents the best of both worlds. They can have their cute shoes but not have to fight with keeping them on their baby’s feet or worry if they will fit them well. These are the best options at this point, and newborn parents can benefit from paying attention to these trends to find out what really works for the baby instead of experiencing a lot of trial and error to discover the best newborn clothing options.

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