Solar Off Grid Systems

Solar off grid is the perfect choice for remote homes, cabins, lodges and anyone who does not want to be tethered to the electric grid…for whatever reason. An solar off grid system from ARES can instantly eliminate your monthly electric bill, and make you entirely self-sufficient when it comes to power generation. More details at:

With rising electric costs in past years…and dramatically worse into the future, your investment in the leading solar electric solutions will pay off faster, and more dramatically than ever before…and the time has never been more perfect for your investment. In fact, as the prices of electricity are increasing, the costs of solar electric solutions are decreasing….becoming more affordable than at any time in history.

Unlike grid tie solar electric, a solar off grid system has no connection to the electric grid, which means that you have no monthly electric to worry about paying. However, it also means that you have no backup electrical power beyond your solar off grid system, the storage batteries and whatever backup generator you choose to use. Additionally, your solar off grid system is not as flexible in its design, and will need to be sized specifically to meet 100% of your electrical needs at any given time.

Solar off grid systems have several key advantages, including…

No Electric Bill- With An Solar off grid System There Is No Grid Connection, And No Monthly Electric Bill
Install Anywhere – If The Electric Company Ever Told You Your Property Was Too Far Out There To Get An Electrical Connection (Unless You Pay Thousands) An Solar off grid System May Be Perfect For You
Custom Sized – Your Solar off grid System Will Be Custom Sized To Meet Your Specific Energy Needs
Our solar electric solutions are built using the latest, industry-leading solar panels, inverters and other components…guaranteed to deliver maximum performance and energy savings…and, we do all the work for you…choosing the right system, the right components, complete system design and sizing, as well as professional installation and market-leading follow-up support and maintenance as needed.

Give us a call, or fill out a consultation appointment and quote request form today and let ARES help you get started with the solar off grid system that is right for you…and your budget.

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