Morning Meditation

Beginning a meditation routine can go a long way toward relieving stress and introducing more relaxation into your life. Positive Health Wellness But meditating is a tool that can do far more than just make you feel relaxed. Meditating can help you work more efficiently as well. If you go about your day feeling rushed and inefficient, meditating early in the morning can alleviate some anxiety about your impending workday. While your mind drifts as you mediate, you can start to prioritize tasks. You may find that this helps you worry less and accomplish more.

Early To Bed, Early To Rise

Ben Franklin was right about this one. If you want to start a meditation routine in the mornings, you’ll need to get up earlier to avoid feeling rushed. Feeling rushed during meditation sort of defeats the point. And if you want to get up earlier, start going to bed earlier. If you find it’s difficult to get to sleep at an earlier hour, try shutting off your iPad, laptop, or TV. Those glowing screens can over stimulate our brains and fool us into thinking it’s time to be awake.

How To Begin

If you’re new to meditation, just start by finding a comfortable position—you don’t have to try for a lotus position or strain a hamstring. Once you’re comfortable, begin by keeping your back straight and breathing deeply in and out. As you pull your breath into your lungs, concentrate on inhaling as deeply as possible and count each breath. If you lose track of the number, don’t worry. Just begin with the last number you remember and continue. The point of counting, after all, is to establish a repetition that helps pull you into a meditative state. You’ll find after a few minutes, that your thoughts will begin to cascade. And that’s okay. Let your thoughts go where they will.

Think About Your Tasks

As your thoughts move from one thing to another, start to think about the day ahead. What are your biggest priorities? Which tasks have to be executed first? You’ll find that these priorities begin to naturally arrange themselves when you’re experiencing early morning meditation clarity. Take a mental stroll through your approaching day and identify any unresolved tasks that have caused you any anxiety. Go through these tasks mentally until you can find the solutions to successful and efficient completion of these tasks. Once you finish this, get up, find a pen and paper and prepare a quick to-do list that outlines priorities for the day.

Following Through

When you get to work, follow your list as closely as possible and resist the urge to multi-task when it’s avoidable. Sometimes it’s necessary to multi-task, but you can operate far more efficiently when you focus on one priority at a time until you’ve executed it and drawn a line through it on your list. Multi-tasking can function as a trap sometimes because it can make you feel busy. But feeling busy isn’t the same as working efficiently. If you begin a morning meditation routine and use the time to prioritize your workday, you may find that your job-related stress and anxiety will drop significantly and you’ll get a lot more accomplished in your day.

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