Beware of the Facebook Scams to Stay Safe Online

The Increasing number of the Facebook scams have put up a security issue for the users of Facebook. chat with random people Scams are creating a junk on the Facebook and its not quite easy to avoid them. Scammer’s are much smarter that they create such type of content that the users cant resist to click on the link. There are few online services that claim that they can keep your Facebook account safe from scams and MyPageKeeper is one of those who can protect you online from these type of facebook scams.

Most of the scams messages are spreading through Click-jacking or Like-Jacking. When any user clicks on the link provided in the scam message, the message will be ticked as ‘Liked” and it will be automatically posted on your Facebook wall. If the user is not logged in it will stay there but once user has logged in it will get posted on your wall without the knowledge of the user.

Below is the list of some facebook scams that you should take care of:

1. My First Baby Birth [Video]

My First Baby birth is a video scam, which is created by the blog and the blog is hosted on blogger. If you will click on the link, it will redirect you to the scam page (on blogger) and if you clicked on the play video it will be counted as a “like” by you and it will automatically posted on your wall. This video is not so harmful for the users account as it not insert any type of malicious content on with the video but any thing without the permission of the user is harmful a bit. It may compromise the security of your account.

2. 99% of people cant watch this video for more than 25 Seconds:

This is also a video which contains content related to nudity. It is liked by many of the people as the people are not aware that is is a scam which will gonna feel you shame because when you will click on the link, it will redirect you to the website where the video is hosted and then it will ask you to confirm that you are an adult and once you confirmed that you are 18+, it will allow you to play the video and then there will be a scam, the video will automatically be posted on your wall so that your friends gonna watch it and do the same procedure.

In a last few days i have seen many of the scams but from all of them theses 2 were pathetic as it contains the nudity content, your family members can watch it that how kind of videos you are sharing on Facebook. I will post an article after few days regarding how to Stay secure from these scams so don’t worry. Till the time try to stay secure from these kind of scams as nothing in this world is for free and for every things you have to pay its price whether it is small or big.

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