Another Boost To Your Immune System

Would it be great if you could program or manipulate your immune system to increase its power, do what you command it and protect your body from successive viral infections and live healthily? Immunologists had been toiling and trying to find out how this could be achieved and according to the current edition of Viral Immunology, these advancement into cell science may give rise to a new dimension towards developing new and more effective vaccines against diseases like influenza or HIV and enhance new developments in immunology. NHS Heroes This is another boost to and impacts your immune system management.

Scientists are now into this area of research to boost the body’s resistance and fend off successive viral infections by making full use of the viruses themselves. By taking components of the virus and indirectly activating a specific populations of the body’s immune cells through a process know as cross priming, the killer T cells, the immune system would now been able to have some control over the response to be taken. The body’ immune system responds by mounting a virus-killing cells response known as cytotxic T-lymphocyte, CTL response which engulf the virus molecules to activate the killer T cells.

Cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) responses are a major component of the immune system which can remove infected cells and tumour cells and can also inhibit viral replication by non-lytic means. However, the mechanism by which CTL becomes induced is not clear. Recently, studies have been focussed on cross-priming and cross-presentation. In these processes antigen presenting cells (APCs) take up antigen and display it on their surface. The antigen is then recognized by the CTL and this, in turn, leads to their activation. This process of cross-presentation is thought to play a role in regulating the response of the CTL, such as whether the CTL should expand and react, or whether they should enter a state of tolerance. It is thought that a better understanding of these mechanisms, which had been evading scientists, will be important for understanding issues such as :-

why CTL generally do not successfully remove tumours;
how CTL tolerance is maintained; and
why CTL effectively remove some viral infections but not others

Scientist are specifically puzzled as to why these responses differ and with this mechanism in mind, better tools can be developed to make more successful and effective vaccines. Continued studying into which immune cells do a better job of protecting the body while using this mechanism would lead to greater control of diseases such as ovarian cancer. It is envisaged that vaccine design and therapy is within the grasp of the modern science fraternity. It continues to open up a new dimension by shuttling the appropriate viral components to the right immune cells and thus in managing diseases via immunology and immunotherapy.

A new immunologic battleground had been discovered where during a viral infection, the body’s immune cells confront viruses just inside the lymph node and not deep within these lymph notes as previously thought to be. This triumphant revelation would in future enable scientist to develop vaccines against the many deadly viruses such as HIV which till to-date has eluded the best efforts of medical science. Emphasis is now placed on understanding how the immune system operates and such results are significant in helping efforts to design effective anti-virus vaccines. Over the period 1798-2008, there are about at least 28 vaccine-preventable diseases.

New approaches in manipulating the immunotherapy methods would be the target of new researches. Many of the vaccines being used now are in fact trying to stimulate the immuno cells to react to certain specific instructions to do specific jobs………but the side effects that accompany its use may be tremendous.

The question now is at what cost, both monetary or livelihood-wise, would this new dimension be effective. It is intriguing to note that on one hand, after spending billions of dollars into developing vaccines with its side effects, the medical industry still thinks it is worth going further. On the other hand, if the development and introduction of vaccines were to slow down, many people would die of diseases. Thus …………is there other natural ways which we can overcome this delicate issue? Perhaps, we must look towards this direction for answers for healthy living.

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